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Superintendent Blog

May 1st
It's hard to believe our Making Spaces Campaign launch date is finally here!  I am so grateful for the support from our wonderful partners at the Children's Museum, Google and Maker Ed.  A special thank you goes out to Steeltown Productions for creating an amazing video in a short amount of time.  Finally, thank you to our students, teachers and Community Makers who took the time to share their insights.  We'll have the opportunity to hear their voices in the interview video which will be out in the next few weeks. 


Making Spaces Go Fund Me

Please be sure to check our campaign page and share it widely!

Please join us as we REMAKE NORTHGATE!

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Northgate News:
Beattie Student of the Month
(from Northgate)
Congratulations to Richard Mack and Jasmine Hurst for being recognized as Students of the Month at A.W. Beattie Career Center.  Richard is completing the Automotive Collision program and Jasmine is in the EDAM/Robotics program.  We are very proud of their accomplishments!
Fractured Fairy Tales

Mrs. Mignella’s  9th grade students read a variety of tales from both Grimm Brothers and modern versions to answer the essential question:  “How has the purpose of fairy tales changed since they were recorded by the Grimm Brothers?”  Students wrote and created their own fractured fairy tale with at least one media component and presented them to the class.  It was optional to dress up as one of their characters. The students did an awesome job and we are blown away at the creativity they showed!

Future Chef 2017
Elementary students from Avalon and Bellevue learned the importance of healthy eating while honing their culinary skills thanks to student nutrition provider Sodexo and their Future Chefs: Healthy Comfort Food Challenge. The national program, which is in its sixth year and part of Sodexo’s commitment to promoting well-being in support of achievement, was created to get students thinking about making healthy food choices. Students took on the challenge by submitting forty healthy comfort food recipes that were judged on: Originality, kid appeal, ease of preparation, plate presentation, taste and healthy attributes. Of the forty students, six challengers were chosen; Faith Boyce making her Wake up pizza with cheesy dreams, Alaysia Dorsey making Alaysia’s healthy quesadillas, Andrew Pegher and his skinny strawberry french toast, Kaylee Stewart and her pizza casserole, Charlie Tabano.....Read More
Track and Field

The Avonworth/Northgate track & field teams competed at the Knoch Relays invitational this past Saturday. The girls team overall finished 3rd. Leading the way on the track were Megan and Kayley Wisniewski, Jenna Gobrecht, Katrina Kolsosky, Hailey McClain, Tori Oberst, Luisa Valeriano, and Jasmine Williams. Kathleen King and Jordan Anderson were the team leaders in the field events. For the boys, the track events were lead by Kenny Azzarello, Michael Allen, Kaveh Bowie, Dan Brown, Brandon Green, Jonas Jason, Ray Mangone, Michael Persia, Chase Rowsey, and Elijah Thomas. Anthony Barbarino lead the way in the field events.

Student Council Conference

On Friday, March 17 2017, Northgate Senior Student Council welcomed 600 students and advisors from across Allegheny County for the annual District 3 Conference. The day began with performances from the Northgate Flames Marching Band, Concert Choir, Musical, and speeches from Northgate’s principal Mr. Kyle and the superintendent Dr. Johns. The delegation was impressed with the musical talent at Northgate and shared a gratitude for the emphasis placed on the arts in our school. Afterward, icebreakers and awards were given to the Middle Level and High School Advisors of the Year from D3. The morning concluded with Megan Livingston giving the keynote speech about matching your passion with volunteerism.....Read More
Alcosan -Water Cycle Presentation
Ms. Candace came to fourth grade science on Tuesday March 21 to present the Alcosan Calendar project. We followed a droplet of water from the hydro cycle through the wastewater adventure and back to the Ohio River. This lesson tied in well with our Land and Water Studies and our knowledge of the Water Cycle.
Annual Foreign Language Club Breakfast
It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This advice proved to be true for the group of Northgate students who gathered recently in the cafeteria to enjoy food and fellowship at the annual Foreign Language Club European Breakfast. The students were introduced to the customs and cultures surrounding the morning meal in France, Germany and Spain through short lectures provided by the teachers of the foreign language department. The learning continued as the students sampled fresh rolls and cheeses representing the traditional breakfast of old Germany. Later students savored buttery croissants and chocolate crepes that could only be inspired by the decadent bakeries of France. The European tour was complete with a sip of hot chocolate accompanied by a pastry and tropical fruits, a breakfast reminiscent of a café on the plaza in a Spanish city. While the breakfast lasted for only a short class period, and the feeling of fullness from the meal a little longer, the fond memories of shared experiences with friends last forever.
Rotary Eth ics Symposium
On Friday, March 10th Junior Rotarians Conner Powers and Luke Robertson (along with Mrs. Winovich) attended the annual Rotary Ethics Symposium, this year held at LaRoche College. It was an informative day that covered a wide variety of topics relevant in Education today. Conner and Luke will both present about the day's experience to the North Borough's Rotary Club at a weekly meeting at Shannopin Country Club.
National Honor Society
The College Trip is back! After a few year hiatus, Northgate was once again able to offer this wonderful opportunity to our students. 43 sophomores, juniors and seniors attending this 2 day trip of 4 Pennsylvania universities: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Penn State, and Clarion.
French Club Happenings
Arts Odyssey: The French Club sold Bruster's Ice Cream to raise money for the upcoming November 2017 trip to France. 12 students and 4 adults will be traveling to France and Italy for a 13 day trip. If anyone is interested in enrolling, please contact Ms. Cromer.

Pastries: The French Club had their 2nd annual baking day with the help of Mrs. Weryha. This year we made Pain au Chocolat, a French pastry that many students love to eat for an after school snack.

Bellevue Elementary 6th Graders celebrate Pi Day in a big way! 
On March 14, Bellevue Elementary 6th Graders celebrated "Pi Day". In the morning students participated in stations creating a Pi chain representing Pi in colors, read Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table books, found the circumference of bubbles, wrote Pi stories, found how close they could get to Pi dividing circumference and diameter from objects at home, and made art out of the digits of Pi. In the afternoon, two college students from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh spoke about the importance of mathematics and STEAM careers They also shared fun Pi facts, and helped judge the 5th annual Pi Day Competition. Congratulations to Daniel Moser for memorizing 351 digits of Pi and ranking 5th nationally.
Northgate Students Perform at WPIAL Championship
Concert Choir Members Sarah Reid and Siara Woods recently performed the National Anthem at the University of Pittsburgh's Petersen Events Center on Thursday, March 2nd. They received an outstanding response from the WPIAL and the crowd of people attending the playoff game. "Way to go" representing Northgate in such a positive way! Congratulations!!

Avalon Poetry Contest #NorthgateProud
Northgate Proud celebrations at Avalon Elementary included a poetry contest for students in grades K - 6. Students were asked to write a poem expressing their positive feelings about a school or district or community event. Poetry winners were chosen at each grade level and rewarded with a pizza party. The winning poems are currently on display for all to see. Congratulations, Northgate Proud Poets!
"Change" for #NorthgateProud
As part of Northgate Pride, in the month of February, each of the schools in the Northgate School District participated in various activities to celebrate the great things that are going on in our buildings. At Avalon E elementary, one of the activities we participated in was called “Change for Pride.” This was a competition among each of the homerooms to collect the most change to be donated to the North Boroughs Food Pantry, a part of the North Hills Community Outreach. The students were very excited to participate in this coin drive, because the homeroom that collected the most change won the right to silly string Mr. Peacock, our school principal, at a school-wide assembly. It was a close contest with many of the homerooms’ coin totals separated only by a few ounces. In the end, the students at Avalon collected a whopping 94.4 pounds of coins. This amounted to $600.17 that will be donated to the Food Bank. Although it was Mrs. McCarthy’s first grade classroom that won the competition, all of the teachers at Avalon could not be more proud of their students’ achievement and desire to help those in our community.
Pitt Mobile Science Lab Visits The Elementary Schools
If you happened to see an 80 foot tractor trailer parked on Lincoln Ave or California Ave in front of Bellevue and Avalon Elementary Schools, it was the Pitt Mobile Science Lab! The Mobile Science Lab came on January 12 to Avalon and on January 13 to Bellevue. The lab brings educational science experiments to schools and community events throughout the Western Pennsylvania region. It is equipped with state-of-the-art student science laboratory. The mobile science lab features 26 work stations and customized equipment. Students in grades 4th, 5th and 6th put their analytical skills to use in the program: Living with Bugs. They also learned the answer to the question: How do microorganisms .....Read More

Avalon Tower Garden
Through an Action For Healthy Kids Grant, Mrs. Farmer, 6th grade teacher at Avalon was able to purchase a Tower Garden. A Tower Garden is a “vertical, aeroponic growing system that allows you to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out.”We are growing a variety of leafy greens and herbs such as kale, arugula, radicchio, basil, and thyme. The purpose of the project is to teach kids the benefits of growing healthy foods in a limited space..... Read More
A Dose of Reality.....
from The Citizen
Deciding what to do post-high school has always posed problems for students. Get a job? Community college? Trade school? Start a business? Four-year college?

To help students make sense of it all by planning wisely, Northgate High School's Business, Computer, and Information Technology (BCIT) Department this past Tuesday hosted its first "financial reality fair," a program sponsored by credit union associations nationwide.

BCIT teacher Susanne Galupi explained the purpose of the event......Read More
National Engineers Week
lcosan Visits Middle School Students
On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 students in Mrs. Francis' middle school science classes welcomed Mrs. Robin McRoberts from ALCOSAN to participate in an activity to celebrate National Engineers Week.  The 7th and 8th graders explored the engineering process by creating the "Tower Power."  Students had to work together to create a free-standing tower able to hold a golf ball that was 150 centimeters using only newspaper and masking tape.  Students had to consider the time constraints engineers face when given a task to complete and had to work within a budget for their materials.  
Mrs. Francis' 7th grade Class Activities
Students in Mrs. Francis' 7th grade physical science class have been exploring simple and complex machines. Using K'Nex materials purchased from a grant sponsored by PittCon, the students were able to engineer complex machines. Students created catapults, paint launchers, and construction equipment as well as many other helpful machines....More Pictures
Bellevue : #Northgate Pride
Palindrome Contest @ Avalon
Students in grades 4-6 at Avalon had the opportunity to participate in a Palindrome contest. What is a Palindrome? A Palindrome is a word, phrase, sentence, or number that can be written and read the same way forward or backward. Some examples are “WOW”, “MADAM, I’M ADAM”, or “5115”. The students who came up with the MOST single word palindromes were treated to a pizza party. The winners of the contest were Connor Patterson, Embry Glasser, Hayden Kuhns, Mia Rajakovic, and Shyla Baptiste. Congratulations to our Avalon wordsmiths!!
Avalon Students Celebrate Chinese New Year
Sixth grade students at Avalon Elementary School study Ancient China as part of their social studies curriculum.  Students read “The Emperor’s Silent Army” as part of their ELA class, and have studied the history, geography and people of Ancient China.  Students were busy in the classroom making:
  • Red envelopes -- a Chinese tradition in which children receive envelopes with money from their parents or grandparents; AES students filled these envelopes with stickers for all students at the elementary school – pre-K through grade 5
  • Dragon heads –students formed groups of 4-5 to create a dragon head.  Some used paper mache, and some used boxes, but all dragons were different and creative........Read More
Bee-Bots in the Library
Many of the teachers in our district have been trained by The Center of Creativity to use the Lending Library which offers more than 1,000 pieces of equipment that support STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) in the classroom. Mrs. Maffie (Elementary Librarian) was able to use the Bee-Bots, tiny, colorful robots used to help young children with sequencing, estimation, and problem solving, into the classroom. The students had a blast learning while working in teams to get the Bee-Bots to the correct locations on their mats, made by Mrs. Maffie. We look forward to sharing more stories about how STEAM is being brought into our classrooms.
Northern Allegheny Rotary Club Dictionary Donation
What is the definition of the word “grateful?” In January, it means “Northgate Third Graders!” This month, the Northern Allegheny Rotary Club generously donated brand new dictionaries to each third grade student at both Avalon and Bellevue Elementary Schools. The Rotary Club has a long national and local history of performing valuable community services, focused on educational and developmental opportunities for America's youth. Part of this history includes donating dictionaries to school students........Read More
Forensics Team 2016-2017
The Forensics team attended a forensics tournament at Holy Trinity. Our students did an incredible job of being both professional and respectful during their time at Holy Trinity. Their performance was excellent and it shows in the number of ribbons received. We received a total of thirteen ribbons: four 1st place, five 2nd place, and four 3rd place. Our next tournament will be held at Our Lady of Fatima on February 11th. We look forward to sharing with you our results. Thank you for your support this year!
Pittsburgh Musical Theater -
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Members of the High School Concert Choir and Middle School Chorus attended PMT's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Northgate Class of 2015, DJ Powers was part of the cast of this phenomenal production. After the show, our students participated in an excellent Q & A and took photos with the actors. It was a perfect day celebrating quality musical theater in Pittsburgh. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and hope to continue participating in rewarding enrichment activities in the future.
Mr. Somerville Helps Spread Spirit
The cheerleaders' lives got a little brighter this week due to the generosity of Farmer's Insurance. Mr. Somerville entered a drawing , sponsored by the Cranberry Twp. office and was their January winner. The prize was $100 worth of supplies to benefit Northgate students. Mr. Somerville chose to use the winnings to purchase twenty four pints of high quality Artista 2 poster paints for the cheerleaders. According to cheerleader Lauren Wanat, the Artista 2 paint spreads easier, covers better and is brighter than their existing paint supply......Read More
Spanish II Students Take a Virtual Field Trip To Spain
What better way to spend a gray and gloomy winter afternoon than by visiting the colorful and thought-provoking exhibits of an art museum.  Through the magic of modern technology the students enrolled in Spanish II classes recently participated in a virtual field trip to two art museums in Madrid, Spain.  The students spent class time touring the online galleries of El Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum.  Each click of the mouse allowed the students to view artwork that ranged from the Spanish master painters, such as Velázquez, Goya and El Greco, to more modern Spanish artists like Picasso, Dalí and Miró......Read More
Elementary Library News
Students in grades k-2, in conjunction with Avalon and Bayne Public Libraries, are participating in the Picture Book Children's Choice Award program. Sara Mariacher, The Youth Services Library Assistant at Avalon Public Library, will visit Avalon Elementary Library classes and Diane Roos from Bayne Public Library will visit Bellevue Elementary Library classes. .......Read More
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