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  • Northgate News Click image to read more news on our Facebook Page

 Spring Meet the Flames has been moved to March 27th.  Hope you can join us to cheer on our Spring Flames!

Superintendent Blog
December 21, 2018

The Northgate School District is embarking on a project to redesign the district logo and we want your input! During the months of January and February, we will be hosting a series of small group discussions to get feedback on the district and our future vision. This information will be used to guide the redesign of the new logo. Please consider joining us at Cyclops Cafe on one of the following dates:

Thursday, Jan. 10th at 1:00 p.m.
Thursday, Jan. 10th at 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 23rd at 1:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 23rd at 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 29th at 1:00 p.m.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Laureen Dowd at (412) 732-3300 ext. 2110
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Northgate News:
A.W. Beattie Career Center Press Release  

A.W. Beattie Career Center is proud to announce that senior Rebecca Hapeman, from Northgate, was selected from a pool of candidates to represent the career center at the 2018 SkillsUSA Western Region Conference, which will be held Oct. 31 through Nov. 2 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

SkillsUSA is a national student leadership organization for students in career and technical education programs. The organization focuses on career-readiness, skill-based training, competitions and developing expertise for job interviews, public speaking, problem solving and more.

Hapeman will be one of 10 conference officers who will be in charge of organizing the conference, which will have about 400 students from western Pennsylvania in attendance. She joined the organization in 2017, because she “liked the competitive aspect of the organization

Click here to read the rest of the press release

October Attendance Challenge 
Many Bellevue Elementary students attended the October Attendance Challenge Reward Day on Wednesday, Nov. 7 in the gym. Coach Dave from CDG Sports came in did a variety of fun and energetic sports games with the students. He got them pumped up and ready to play all kinds of wacky games! The students had a great time. Congratulations to all the students who earned perfect attendance for the month of October! There will be another attendance challenge in February!  
Bully Prevention Month  
Some of our 9th grade students came to Avalon with Mrs. Nye to talk to our 6th grade about Bullying Prevention in Honor of Bullying Prevention Month and to educate our students on Suicide Awareness. This particular lesson focused on the types of bullying and how kind words can really make a difference to someone. The HS students and Mrs. Nye did and AWESOME job!!
Bellevue Yoga Day
Today was a great day at Bellevue Elementary School because it was Yoga Day! Mrs. Nye and her Northgate High School students came down to Bellevue and taught Yoga to the elementary students. Yoga is a great way to practice focus and discipline along with mindfulness which will help students in and out of the classroom. Many of the elementary students really enjoy practicing yoga. We are so appreciative that the Northgate High School students share their expertise in Yoga with us!
Bellevue Attendance Challenge
The Bellevue Elementary Pep Rally for the October Attendance Challenge was a huge success! The Northgate Junior High School Cheerleaders started off the assembly with the elementary student body participating with cheers for attendance. They really got the audience excited and pumped up for the Bellevue October Attendance Challenge! Then the Northgate High School Chorus serenaded the students with songs that inspired and energized them. It was a great day to have the assembly in conjunction with the National Walk to School Day.
Highmark Caring Place
On October 3, 2018 Bellevue Elementary 6th grade students Mirielle Haas and Faith Horlick along with the Bellevue Elementary Guidance Counselor ,Miss Trimber visited the Highmark Caring Place. The Highmark Caring Place is a safe place where grieving children and families can come together and be with others who understand what they're going through. The Caring Team is committed to raising awareness of the needs of grieving children, adolescents and their families, as well as the Highmark Caring Place program.

Mirielle and Faith participated in:

Lunch in the Caring Place family room.
Hands-on activities and took a Caring Place tour.
Listened to a special message from a child that benefited from the Caring Place.
Brought back resources that will help support grieving students in their school.

All students at Bellevue will participate in a Caring Team initiative for Children's Grief Awareness Day, which is Thursday November 15th, 2018.
Be There Attendance Program Kickoff
On Friday, September 7th, Avalon Elementary kicked off their attendance program with an assembly for the entire school. During the assembly, Mrs. Nardone talked with students about the importance of coming to school every day, on time. In order to further acknowledge the importance of attendance, Avalon Elementary will hold an attendance challenge over 20 school days. Students who miss 2 or less days of school and are on time everyday will receive rewards such as drawstring bookbags, sunglasses, pencil cases, Northgate apparel etc…. In addition to these prizes, all students who reach this attendance goal will have their name entered in a drawing to win a gif card to a local restaurant or store.
Mrs. Monahan was able to reach out to the Pittsburgh Penguins to have Iceburgh make a guest appearance for the students. In addition to having Iceburgh spend some time with the students, 6th grade students, Mr. McFall and Miss Lipovsky completed the Kiki Challenge. Mrs. Nardone also awarded some students for improving their attendance with bags filled with Be There items such as drawstring bags, sunglasses, pencil cases, Northgate wristbands and free ice cream coupons to Scoops in Bellevue.
ESS Employment at Northgate
Northgate School District has partnered with ESS to manage our substitute program. A leader in K-12 staffing, ESS is now responsible for the hiring, training, and placement of all [daily and long-term] substitute teachers, and substitute custodians

If you’re interested in working as a substitute for our district, please visit to apply or call 412.394.5502 for more information.
New Technology Partnership
The Northgate School District is pleased to be partnering with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and All Covered to provide our district with technology support throughout the school year.  Over the next month AIU Technology staff and All Covered will be looking at the existing technology equipment in our district.   Beginning August 6th you will be able to call or email the AIU Help Desk for support.  AIU Help Desk phone number is 412-394-5900 and email is  The hours of operations for the AIU help desk are Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.   We are very excited to be working with the AIU and their experienced technology staff.

Thank you for the continued patience through all the transition at our school district.
Avonworth/Northgate Girls Win States in Track & Field
Over Memorial Day weekend at Shippensburg University, the Avonworth / Northgate girl’s track & field team secured the PIAA 3A Team State Championship, becoming just the 5th WPIAL program to do so since they started naming girls’ team champions in 1977. Competing in the 3A classification with the largest schools in the state, the unique co-op team was led magnificently by Avonworth senior Hunter Robinson. The Tulane recruit closed out her legendary sprinting career by winning her 4th & 5th individual state titles. She blasted off for gold in the 400-meter dash in a huge personal best time of 54.10 seconds. In the 90 degree heat of the afternoon, Hunter gutted out another gold in the 200-meter dash in 23.98 seconds, only her second time ever under 24 seconds. She also ran a leg of the 3rd place 4x100m relay, which broke a school record with a time of 47.64 seconds, making it the 5th-fastest time a WPIAL team has ever run, anywhere..........Read More
Northgate Marching Band Travels to Cedar Point!
The Northgate Flames Marching Band had an exciting trip this past weekend to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, and to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland! The band had the opportunity to parade down the main stretch of the Cedar Point and perform for all of the guests on Saturday May 19th. On Sunday May 20th the band traveled to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, and experienced all the museum had to offer! It was an amazing trip with a group of amazing people!
Flat Stanley 
Students read the wonderful book, Flat Stanley, about a boy who becomes flat when his bulletin board falls on him one night . Stanley has many adventures. Students chose a family member or friend to send a Stanley they created to and asked them to take them on an adventure. They then wrote a letter back and sent pictures as well. Our Stanleys traveled to Japan, Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Virginia, New York, Florida, Bahamas, South Carolina, Colorado and Maine!
Students are also creating their own Flat Stanley book. The class has also read Stanley and the Magic Lamp, Stanley in Space, Invisible Stanley, Stanley Flat Again and a few Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures! 
Genetics Class Collaborates With University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Warren Ruder, from the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh, collaborated with the students from the Spring Genetics class to bring biotechnology to our classroom. The students learned about genetic engineering through a hands-on experiment using gel electrophoresis and DNA samples from Dr. Ruder's lab. Students were able to perform the steps involved in separating DNA fragments using this laboratory technique under the guidance of Dr. Ruder and his colleagues (Michael Behrens, Ting-Yen Wei and Dr. Zhicheng Long). This was a unique and exciting opportunity for the students to work with individuals currently working in the field of bioengineering and to learn more about the procedures and techniques used in modern genetics research.
1st Place Duquesne Light Contest Winners

Congratulations to our middle school Science students and Mrs. Francis! They recently earned 1st place in a contest sponsored by Duquesne Light.
During the first semester, the seventh grade science classes participated in the Duquesne Light Company’s Community Education Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP). The students received an energy auditor kit and learned to use tools to discover how much energy lights and common appliances use both when in use and when not in use. The students learned to read an electricity bill and ways conserve energy both at home and at school. The students then created an energy campaign involving posters, daily announcements, commercials, a newsletter, a Google Slide show and a website to promote energy conservation. Twenty local schools participated in this program and were in competition for who could create the best campaign. This past week, we were notified that Northgate won first place! Duquesne Light will be donating $1000 to use in Mrs. Francis' classroom!

Spanish III
In town plazas across the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean, friends gather to participate in the daily games of dominoes. The clickety-clack sounds of domino tiles being played against the table, which were recently emanating from the Northgate Spanish III classroom, required a second glance to confirm that the passerby was indeed in Pittsburgh, not San Juan or Santo Domingo.
The Spanish III students recently completed a thematic unit dealing with hobbies and pastimes. After reading about the importance of the game of dominoes in the lives and culture of many native Spanish speakers, the students expressed a desire to learn how to play the game. After an online search, the teacher was able to order some authentic domino sets.  While waiting for the domino sets to arrive, the students learned about the history and rules, as well as, some strategies for competing in Latin dominoes. Once the domino sets arrived, the students formed teams and the first ever meeting of the Northgate Domino Club was underway. The only thing left to do was to wait for the victorious call of DOMINÓ.
Future Chef
Elementary students from Avalon and Bellevue learned the importance of healthy eating while honing their culinary skills thanks to student nutrition provider Sodexo and their Future Chefs: Healthy Asian Food Challenge. The national program, which is in its seventh year and part of Sodexo’s commitment to promoting well-being in support of achievement, was created to get students thinking about making healthy food choices. Students took on the challenge by submitting twenty eight healthy Asian food recipes that were judged on: Originality, kid appeal, ease of preparation, plate presentation, taste and healthy attributes. Of the twenty eight students, six challengers were chosen; Kara Elliot making her Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Zoe Russell making Asian Salad, Elijah Swinger and his Rice to Meet ya Sweet Pea, Charlie Tabano with Charlie’s Rolls with Awesome Sauce, Joh Wright’s Sweet and Sour Chicken and Layla Young-Taylor with Vegan Fried Rice. The six finalists had to prepare and present their creations before a panel of celebrity judges that included Mrs. Nancy Silay, and Chefs Sean Conley and Mike Cope owners of Tallulah’s Catering in Etna.

Judges talked with each finalist and tasted samples of their healthy Asian recipe. Once all the judging was completed one winner remained; Kara Elliott and her Sweet and Sour Chicken. Kara received a Fit Bit, Polaroid Camera and a 10 piece cookware set donated by Sodexo. Kara’s recipe was submitted to the regional competition. All six finalists received medals and gifts. Congratulations to all those who participated and many thanks to those who made this event a success.

Kindness Rocks at Bellevue Elementary
Students in grades 4th,5th and 6th grades have been working on designing and painting their own Kindness Rocks in Art class with Mrs. Novelli. Kindness rocks started in Cape Cod with Megan Murphy who established the Kindness Rocks Project by dropping rocks with inspirational sayings on them in different locations for other people to find. The students in 5th grade were able to view a video of Megan Murphy and how she came up with the idea. Then the pictures of the rocks started showing up in social media. There are now Kindness Rocks that show up around the world. The students have been finishing the rocks and will be placing them around the Bellevue Community. The purpose is to spread kindness and when you find a rock, it can be posted on social media. The finder of the rock can keep it or hide it in a different location to spread the inspirational messages. So keep your eyes open for Bellevue Elementary Kindness Rocks, you never know where you will find one!
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