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New Policy -Food Service 2016
The nutritional quality of our diet affects our well-being throughout our lives, but it has an even greater impact on children whose bodies and minds are still growing. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the developmental, cognitive and behavioral outcomes in life.

Sodexo, the food service provider at Northgate School District believes good nutrition is a building block to learning. Learning about healthy eating can never start too early. Understanding the facts of sound nutrition is especially important for parents of small children, but also for older children who begin to make their own choices. That is precisely why the Food Services Department is committed to providing good nutrition for our students.

School Breakfast/Lunch Prices:

  • Breakfast:                   $1.10

  • Elementary Lunches:   $2.20

  • Secondary Lunches:    $2.60

  • Adult Lunches:            $3.25

Click here to view the school Lunch Menu

     new menu website and mobile app overview

  • Cash or Checks made out to “Northgate Cafeteria” may be applied to lunch accounts.

  • Free and Reduced applications are available on the school web site and at all school offices.

  • Every child will be allowed to charge up to 4 lunches before they will be only offered a “Cheese" or "PB & J Sandwich” entree choice.

  • For information on treats for your child's birthday click here.

The National School Lunch Program:


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