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General Information

Parent Resources


Title I Coordinator
Francesca J. Lattari
Assistant to the Superintendent
412-732-3300, Ext. 2109

Title I Teaching Staff

Katie Caldwell

Ext. 4212

Amanda Graff

Ext. 4200

Lori King

Ext. 3015

Jodi Lewis

Ext 4007

Gretchen Monahan

Ext. 3018


What is the Elementary Title I Reading Program?

  • A federally-funded program which provides personalized reading instruction for students meeting the entrance criteria.
  • A program which is provided in addition to, but coordinated with, the regular classroom instruction.
  • A comprehensive program which provides learning experiences in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking.
  • A program which has as its goal to help each student experience academic success, to achieve grade level proficiency in reading, and to perform at the proficient or advanced level based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a program for selected first grade students to receive one to one instruction for thirty minutes each day form a teacher who has received intensive training in Reading Recovery techniques. Each lesson includes reading several small books, practicing word and sound relationships, and writing a sentence or brief story daily.


How are Students Selected for the Title I Program?

Multi-Criteria Approach



Instructional Team Recommendation
Standardized Assessment Scores
Classroom Assessments

For more information, please contact your child's Title I teacher, or the Title I Coordinator.


Are Parochial and Private School Children involved in the Title I Program?

  • Any child residing in the Northgate School District and qualifying for the program, under state mandated guidelines, is eligible to receive services
  • Students are eligible for both the reading and primary mathematics program
  • Parents are informed of meetings and conferences sponsored by the Northgate Title I Program


Why do we have Title I in the Northgate School District?

  • Funding made available through the Federal Government to any district demonstrating a need for a program and detailing a comprehensive way of meeting the need
  • With this allocation received from the Federal Government, monies are utilized to fund Northgate's Title I reading and elementary mathematics
  • Title I programs are in school districts across the United States and in every school district in Pennsylvania


How are parents involved and informed about the Title I Program?

  • Home/School involvement compacts developed for each school
  • Individual program reports issued twice yearly at the Elementary level
  • Conferences are conducted with the reading specialist and parents and also with the regular classroom teacher, parents and reading specialist
  • Opportunities to offer parental input and information about requirements concerning the Title I program are provided by means of the Annual Meeting, Parent Advisory Council Meetings, Parent Training Programs, individual parent conferences and up-date meetings as necessary


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